Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Systems in Philadelphia

In the globalization era and tough macroeconomic environment, tele presence and video conferencing technologies are increasingly taking the place traditional of face-to-face meetings that often require costly and strenuous travels.

Today’s technologies such as HD video, all-in-one web, and HD audio conferencing with Dolby Voice® let you connect with staff and customers in your own customized online meeting rooms and make your online meetings as effective as meeting in person.

These tools allow you to leverage video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration into one platform to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, videoconferencing technologies we deploy work wherever you are, delivering a consistent experience across all major hardware platforms: dedicated hardware, computer, smartphone and tablet.

Effective video and audio put high QoS demands on both the LAN available bandwidth. Like VoIP, video packets must be delivered reliably and with minimal and consistent delay, and naturally, video requires higher data rates than VoIP. These requirements provide another impetus for Gigabit networks on the LAN and for upgraded Internet connections and routers capable of supporting them. We can help with building the right infrastructure to support such data demands.