Sound Masking Systems Installations

Cabling Pro has been installing sound masking systems in the Delaware Valley for years. The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System is measurably the most effective sound masking system available on the market today.

Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a result of this advanced technology in almost any workplace.

Comfortable, Stress-Relieving Privacy

Open floor plans boast open communication, transparency and team building. But these open-style offices can also create increased levels of stress among employees. Studies have shown that even low levels of noise at work diminish problem solving skills by almost 40% and at the same time raise stress levels over those workers in quiet offices. The problems with concentration are primarily a result of the omnipresent distractions of surrounding chatter and a lack of privacy for confidential conversations.

The VoiceArrest™ System is designed to provide acoustic comfort in such stressful environments. The gentle white noise sound cancels out conversations and distractions, hence eliminating  worries about confidential conversations being overheard.

Speech Privacy,  Paging System and Music –  All in One

The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System can be easily turned into your paging/music system by utilizing the sound masking emitters as paging and/or music speakers. The toned placement of their high-quality speakers in the drop ceiling provides the cleanest paging system on the market without the new system price tag. Background music can also be added from a wide variety of external sources at minimal cost. Integration of the paging system with your telephone system is relatively simple.

Optimized Placement of Privacy

The Direct Field technology utilized by the VoiceArrest™ System provides optimal control over the sound distribution, emitted from the ceiling down toward the floor in an areas occupied by open cubicles and closed office spaces. The white noise intended for making of the open office area is entirely restricted to the open area, without echoing or bleed over-effect in the nearby offices. For any additional spaces requiring sound masking, separate zones can be configured with their own controls independent from the necessary coverage of any open office areas.

Affordable and Cost Effective Privacy Solution

For businesses and organizations looking for a cost effective way to provide speech privacy at their offices The VoiceArrest™ Speech Privacy Sound Masking System is the right fit. It delivers state-of-the-art speech privacy by utilizing more-effective technologies and methods, allowing to produce technological and performance enhancements at a modest, competitive price as compared to other similar solutions on the market.