Infrastructure Relocations. It’s all about planning and solid execution.

We at Cabling Pro understand the challenges and opportunities an organization faces when moving IT infrastructure to a new location, whether be a another city or just within in the same facility.

Since your the infrastructure relocation can have significant impact of your business continuity as it’s considered one of the most complex areas to move, you need to approach it systematically.

Here are the areas you want to focus on when planning your infrastructure relocation:

Designate a team responsible for the move

Select a team of individuals taskedĀ  with planning, coordinating and carrying out your move plan as early as possible to keep the business disruptions at minimum.

New Location Evaluation

Make a detailed analysis and evaluation of the new site after a site survey has been completed. This will allow you to learn the extent of all changes required.

Current Technology Assessment

An IT infrastructure move is a great opportunity to assess the technology you have currently in place as it may impact your decisions as to what equipment to discard and replace, upgrade before/during the move.

Business Continuity Plan Evaluation

No matter how well prepared you are and how detailed and thorough your move plan is, there will be move related businesses interruptions. That’s why we stress the importance of having critical systems and data backup, fail-over systems and work around solutions in place.

Let us know how we can help with your infrastructure relocation project.