Intercom Systems

We install and service industry leading inĀ  high-quality home intercom systems that offer unique combination of functionality and aesthetics.

The Selective Call Intercom System by Legrand, offered exclusively in the contemporary Studio Design, is the most advanced intercom on the market.

It supports up to 32 locations and offers a Video Door Unit that allows users to see and talk with visitors. Users can customize room names and door ring tones via its easy to use and intuitive LCD display and reply to intercom calls hands-free.

The Broadcast Intercom System is our standard system, supporting up to 12 room or patio units per system.

Each unit contains a separate microphone and high-performance speaker which transmits high quality audio between interconnected units and seamlessly integrates with Legrand’s lyriQ Multi-Room Audio System.

Here are some of the features of the Selective Call Intercom System that make it one of the most advanced intercom systems on the market today:

    • Revolutionary architecture – room units replace the standard main console used by most intercom systems allowing full system control from any unit
    • Individual room units allow both broadcast and point-to-point communication
    • The system accommodates up to three private conversations at the same time – the only intercom in the industry
    • Unmatched customization – it employs 96 unique room names, 20 door tones, 4 skins for each units LCD display, customizable hands free reply times, adaptive adjustment to caller’s habits – self-organize frequently called room units
    • Aesthetics – the most noticeable attribute of the On-Q intercoms is its beautiful design with mutltple face plate styles to match your home decor style.
    • Smart Intercom

    • Smart features:
    • self-healing capabilities
    • Multiple door and gate releases
    • Sealess integration with lyriQ Audio system

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