Structured Cabling Installation in the Philadelphia region

Your investment in technology goes as far as and it’s only as good as the underlying cabling infrastructure you have in place.

We are committed and dedicated to personalized service and can assist you by evaluating your particular technological needs and designing the most suitable cabling solution. We stay current with the most recent trends in the low voltage industry to assure our clients are receiving optimal solutions for their needs.

Cabling Pro carries quality cabling and connectivity products. We install enterprise cabling networks, telephone or voice data systems, data centers, coaxial (CCTV), security systems and fiber optic cabling.

Our technicians perform every installation, large or small, with professionalism and craftsmanship unmatched by any other provider. Every cabling system installation is concluded with a testing phase – our team carries out the integrity tests of the entire network infrastructure and certifies it according to the industry standards as per client’s requirements.

We install CAT5e, CAT6/CAT6a, riser, PVC and plenum rated cabling systems as warranted by local codes. Our experienced staff works with architectural and engineering plans to identify and devise the most efficient and effective ways to build your telecom and data-cabling infrastructure.

We stand behind our products and are committed to excellent service and preventive maintenance. We recognize the ever-growing and changing needs of your business and we are prepared to assist you as necessary. We perform additions, changes, moves and troubleshooting of the infrastructure, network cabling problems.

Cabling Pro delivers turnkey solutions for your infrastructure on time and on budget.

Cabling Pro service highlights:

  • Network Cabling Consulting Services
  • Plant, Network, Pathway Design Services
  • Installation of Conduits, Cable Trays, Ladder Runways and Raceways
  • Underground Cable and Direct Burial Cable Installations
  • Plenum and Riser Rated Inner Duct Installation
  • Cable Pulling
  • Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicing
  • Fiber Optic Cable Termination (LC/SC/ST)
  • Wire Management and Riser Cable Management (MDF/IDF)
  • Labeling, Record Keeping and Circuit Identification
  • Cable Troubleshooting, Comprehensive Testing and Certification
  • Independent Category 5e and Category 6 Cable Certifications

Here’s a list of some of the equipment brands we work with:

  • Belden
  • Corning
  • Hubbell
  • Legrand / Greyfox
  • Leviton
  • Mohawk
  • Panduit


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